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Joint Fugitive Investigations Unit

JFIU is an NGO fugitive Investigations Unit that operates within the U.S responsible for apprehending bail bonds fugitives.

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Our mission

Our Mission is to protect the public by apprehending fugitives who has jumped bail and is absconding from justice.

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    New ideas drive change, so we constantly innovate and take on new challenges – that’s what makes us pioneers.
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Working with authorities at the federal, state, tribal, and local levels, The NGO JFIU arrested more than 84,000 fugitives, clearing nearly 100,000 warrants.

Over 32 years of experience & more than 100 successful fintech products to our credit
It is estimated that by 2023 we will have provided services to more than 25,000 startups worldwide.
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We are founded on the principles of advancing economic opportunity, equality, and justice.


Deserve greater access to capital resources in order to strengthen the economy.


We advocate to leverage the latest technology to responsibly and equitably

Who we are

We are a coalition of justice advocates, small businesses, and fintech leaders.

What were proud of.

The JFIU is the nation’s most honorable, respected and dedicated private recovery agency. We stride on maintaining the trust of the public, our governing authority and some of the federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies we have partnered with or will partner with in the future.

What we do

MLab offers agile financial services for everyday life enabled by the industry’s leading financial technology.

The core of the services is the company’s unique technology, which provides its customers agile, easy, and reliable financial services.

The following individuals are considered armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend any of these fugitives yourself.


Most Wanted

A Guide to Embracing Meaningful Change in Banking

Alias: Robert W. Fisher Date(s) of Birth UsedApril 13, 1961Place of BirthBrooklyn,...
From the Director

PayPal launches PYUSD stablecoin for payments and transfers

Raymond Abbott Wanted For Escape Aliases Raymond Baerga, Raymond Ernest Abbott Reward...
Most Wanted

Bank of England begins building Britcoin team

The Bank of England has opened recruitment for staff to oversee the...
Most Wanted

Roosevelt Mitchell | Wanted : Sexual Assault Of a Child

Reward: AKA: Rayo, Rayito Wanted for the following alleged federal violations Fentanyl...

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Current and past fugitives captured include murderers, sex offenders, major drug kingpins, organized crime figures and more, all whom has jumped bail.

recent captures


Cervantes – Continuous Sexual Abuse of a child (F)

Case Outline:  Cervantes was located and placed in custody with out incident...

Smith – Murder (F)

Case Outline:  Smith was located and placed in custody with out incident...

Strambler – THEFT PROP <$300K ATM (F)

Case Outline  Strambler was located and placed in custody with out incident...

Revolutionizing the Future of Financial Services

Named a “game-changing opportunity for banks” by The Global Treasurer, embedded finance has...

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Cervantes – Continuous Sexual Abuse of a child (F)

Case Outline:  Cervantes was located and placed in custody with out incident he was then transported to the Harris County Jail. By HCSO  #JFIU Via: